Plan your future with statistics to enhance a better quality of life.

Design your life with statistical data for a better standard of living, financial and retirement plan,
or even various important nutrition for your loved ones. Envision your plan for a firm step to the future.
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Explore how monthly expenditure tells the quality of life of the Thais at a glance.

Take a look at your financial status and see your position compared to all Thais across the country. Get useful information on occupation landscape in Thailand and tips for managing your financial health to become stable.

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A Future Sight Machine.

Predict the upcoming "Aged Society" that is approaching every second. How much money do you think you will have in your savings to cover your retirement? We will take you to get it calculated and give you some great advice as preparation for your future.

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Not all children have an adequate dietary intake.

Food is one of the key factors of life. But do you know that there are still many children who have no chance to get nutritious or nourishing food suitable for their growth? Today, we would like to invite you to reveal the statistics of the number of children who face problems with nutrition. And then give you some expert nutrition advice that you might not even know about them.

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Question Challenge! We challenge you to answer 50 questions about statistical data in various areas in Thailand that you may not have known before!

Did you know? There are many stories in Thailand that we, NSO, would like to take you to learn. We cordially invite everyone to join answering the questions, measuring your knowledge from statistical data of Thailand that you may never know. Don’t forget to share your score on your Facebook.

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Healthy Check: How will our health be when lifestyles change?

The ongoing situations result in Thai people’s lifestyle shifting in reflection of the surrounding factors — and health does the same way. Let’s check up on your health and look into your eating habits and exercise routine. Explore the current medical situation as we may now take a greater part in taking care of ourselves.

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The future of Thai kids cannot be determined by tossing a dice

The future of Thai children cannot be determined by tossing a dice. Explore educational problems and broaden your knowledge about the future of Thai children through statistics. Education is a solid foundation that paves the way for Thai youth to follow their dream careers. However, this is not easy for every single kid, as some of them have been excluded from the school system. Let’s explore the educational situations in Thailand and take part in shaping their future through our awareness and understanding using statistics.

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